For the up-liftment of suffering mankind Baba Ehsanullah Khan Warsi has formed a charitable trust namely "Baba Ehsanullah Khan Warsi Trust" and has register it in registrar’s office Dist Chittoor, AP.

For the convenience and rendering better services to public, Baba has formed 5 branch trust (address are given below) in different states of India.

Apart from daily prayers on every 24 (at some branch trust on 25th) of English month local disciples gather at respective branch trust and offer collective prayers.

At main trust and as well as all branch trust a free medical camp is being organized. In the camp free medical checkup and investigations and free medicines are distributed to all enrolled patients.

Trust has also formed a fund namely "Warsi Welfare Fund (WWF)" to provide monetary aid to financially weaker families especially to Babajaan’s disciples.

An annual URS is celebrated at Madanapalle main trust from 22nd January to 25th January. Baba’s disciples of different walks of life and distant corner of world gather at Madanapalle for this URS. They stay together, eat together and pray together irrespective of their religion, caste and creed. This URS is unique example of love harmony and brotherhood.

The Chairman, Sajjada-Nasheen & Jaa-Nasheen Hazrat Baba Nasibullah Khan Warsi is busy in spiritual economical and social up-liftment of mankind and the trust is progressing towards its motto that is “service to human being is service to God”.