Baba Ehsanullah Khan Warsi

is highly enlightened soul possessing mystic powers, for such personnel Allah has declared in Quran:

أَلَا إِنَّ أَوْلِيَاءَ اللَّهِ لَا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ
Ala inna auliya-allahu la khaufoon alaihim wa la hum yah zanoon
(Surah Yunus - Volume/Paara 11 - Verse 2)
Meaning: (There is no any fear & grief for friends of Allah)

Auliya is the plural of the arabic word ‘wali’, which means friend of Allah. Here our minds are intrigued with a question that whether friendship can be in non-homogeneity? Can man who is non-omnipotent and made up of ashes be a friend of Allah who is Noor and omnipotent?

To understand the concept of this friendship of Allah with human being, one must first understand the phenomenon of creation of this universe which is explained in short in the light of Quran, Hadith (Prophet’s saying) and eternal visions derived by the Auliya-e-karam.

According to Quran

1) Apperication of Allah is:
اللَّهُ نُورُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ
Allahu noor- ussamawat wal- ardah
(Surah Noor Ayat-35)
Meaning: Allah is the noor (Light) of Sky & Earth
2) Before creation of universe there was no matter except Allah:
ٱللَّهُ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ ٱلسَّمَـٰوَٰتِ وَٱلْأَرْضَ وَمَا بَيْنَهُمَا فِى سِتَّةِ أَيَّامٍ
Allahu- lazi khalaqa-ssamawati wal- ardh….
(Surah Sajdah Ayat-4)
Meaning: Allah himself created this universe, sky, earth and whatever is in between them, within six days.
For manifestation of self, Allah has created this universe, by having tajalli (Allah‘s action) on own self
Creation of Noor - e - Mohammad(saw)

While creating this universe at first, Allah has created his replica (mirror image) namely Noor-e-Mohammad. In evidence of this concept there is a hadith of Prophet Mohammad (SAW):

اَوَّلُ مَاخَلَقَ اللہُ ْنُوٌریِ وَکُل الخَلَآئقَ مِن نُوٌریِ
Awwalu ma Khalaqal lahu noori wa Kul lul Khalaiq min Noori…
(Madarijul-nabuwat - Jild Awwal - Page_12)
(Meaning: At first Allah created my noor and from my noor (light) Allah created all creatures.

Thus, at first Allah has created noor-e-mohammad & manifestation of this noor is this universe & “Mohammad” (SAW) is the name of the “Noor” OR mirror image of Allah and not the name of any human being. For the very same reason, after name Mohammad,

صَلَّى ٱللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ
"Sallal lahu alaihe-va-sallam" is mentioned. "Sal lal lahu" means image or sight (deedar) of Allah.


Creation of Universe

It is narrated by Huzrat Jabir (RA) that he himself asked Prophet Mohammad “Oh! Allah’s Messanger my parent’s life is for you (sacrifice), please inform me, at first what Allah had created? Allah’s Messenger replied; at first Allah has created your Nabi’s (Prophet Mohammad–SAW) noor and as per the wish of Allah, this noor was roaming in the constellation for several years. At that time there were neither hell nor heaven, angels, earth & sky.

Then when Allah decided creation of universe, he created whole universe from this noor (light) i.e. noor-e-mohammad (Imam Bahiqi - Dalayele- nabuwat).

Many renowned Scholars (ulemaas) have showed full confidence in this hadith. For example this hadith is mentioned by Imam Ibne Hajar Makki in Afzalul Quraa & by Allama Qasi in Ataab-e-ulmusarrat &Allama Zarqani in Sharah-e- Mawahib & by Allama Shaikh Abdul Haque Muhaddis Dehalvi in Madarij ul-nabuwat.

The beauty (Sifaat-attribute) of noor- e-Mohammad (SAW) had fascinated Allah and hence to enhance this beauty (attribute) Allah did tajalli (Action of Allah) on Noor-e-Mohammad (SAW), which led these attributes to manifest in form of this universe. (Above mentioned Hadith is evidence for this concept) Thus this universe, animals, tress, hills, rivers, human beings & jinn etc. are nothing but the manifestation of noor-e-mohammad (Allah).

In short the whole universe is being formed from single source, i.e. noor, Allah; hence Allah is hidden or covered in all universes’ veil.

(Example: A seed after being sowed in the soil develops into a tree. In the tree that seed is not seen. But infact it is the same seed which has come up as a tree, similarly Allah is hidden in all his creations).

Thus it is evident that creatures of universe are manifestation of Allah & their existant(life hood) proclaims attributes of noor-e-mohammad e.g. a tree is manifestation of Allah, but branching, flowering, etc which are displaying the power of creation are indeed attribute of creation of noor-e-mohammad.

In short Allah is hidden in all his creations and noor-e-mohammad (Image or beauty or sifaat of Allah) is present as attributes. In conclusion where ever Allah exists, noor –e-mohammad also exists. It is evident that Allah is present in internal as well external form of these creations of the universe, ever since this universe is created and will continue to exist till the universe perishes.

The same concept has been proved by Quran

هُوَ الاَوَّلُ وَالاٰخِرُ وَالظَّاهِرُ وَالبَاطِنُ ۚ وَهُوَ بِكُلِّ شَىءٍ عَلِيمٌ
Huwal Awwal wal Akhir Huwal Zahir wal Batin
In other words
لَامَوٌجُودِ إلّآ اللہ
la maujoud  El lal lah
Except Allah no body is in existence

Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu وَحْدَهُ لَا شَرِيكَ لَهُ

If except Allah no one else is existing, then a question arises that who are all these visible beings?

Infact all the visible beings are just shadows without any reality. For example as in the body, attribute of Allah “the soul” is responsible for all the functions and when it passes away, this body becomes less worthy. This shows that the body is just like a veil for the soul & the soul (attribute of Allah) is responsible for existence. In other words there is no existence except Allah. Related to it there is a hadith:

“Do not blame (admonish) the era because Allah himself is the era”.
قَالَ اللَّهُ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ يُؤْذِينِي ابْنُ آدَمَ، يَسُبُّ الدَّهْرَ وَأَنَا الدَّهْرُ، بِيَدِي الأَمْرُ، أُقَلِّبُ اللَّيْلَ وَالنَّهَارَ
Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "Allah said, 'The son of Adam hurts me for he abuses Time though I am Time: in My Hands are all things, and I cause the revolution of day and night.'
(Quoted: Bukhari _Volume_2_ page _ 913) (Sahih al-Bukhari 4826 - Book 65, Hadith 348)

This concept is called Wahdatul- Wojood in Tasawuf (Sufism)! and one, who understands this cryptology that "except Allah  no one else is existing" or all beings are the creation of Allah ,he only truly understands  the oneness of Allah or Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu, & he gets  purified himself from Shirk (polytheism), as well he realizes the truth (gets tasdique) about the above said quranic verses .


Creation of Adam (AS)

In the beginning ,while creating Adam’s (AS) statue, Allah had kept  noor-e-mohammad (SAW) hidden in it, & to the same (means noor-e-mohammad) the angels were asked to prostrate (Allah would not had ordered angels to prostrate  Adam (AS)  if noor-e-Mohammad would not have been existing in him). Due to noor-e-mohammad only Adam (AS) got the knowledge of attributes of Allah and thus he could answer the angels and got preference not only over  angels but all creatures of this universe, as the best creature (Ashraful mukhlooque) and also got the title of caliph of Allah
This noor-e-mohammad (SAW) has been enthrusted from Adam (AS) to his son Sheesh (AS),and era after era  it has been handed over to Hazrat Abdullah and from him endowed to Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in the course of this there is a hadith:

بُعِثْتُ مِنْ خَيْرِ قُرُونِ بَنِي آدَمَ قَرْنًا فَقَرْنًا، حَتَّى كُنْتُ مِنَ الْقَرْنِ الَّذِي كُنْتُ فِيهِ
(Bukhari_volume_2, page_325) [Sahih al-Bukhari 3557 - Book 61, Hadith 66]
Meaning: I had been created by Allah era to era up to this age I was born in this age.

Renaissance of Holy Prophet

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was born on 19th April 571, His highness is prophet by birth (like Adam AS was Prophet by birth), As a person Your name is “Sal-lam” but as a attributive person (due to illumination of your soul with noor-e-mohammad (SAW) in the cave of Hira) your name is Mohammad (SAW)

Hazrat Sal-lam was born as prophet from Bibi Amina, but at the age of 40 he exited out from cave of Hira as Mohammad SAW.


Prophet Mohammad (SAW)’s personality (Soul) is noor-e-mohammad (Jamaal or beauty of Allah)

The ardency, heart burning, grief and passion which His Highness reared for betterment of suffering mankind had taken his was soul to the highest altitude of evolution such that there is no measure or example for such height. In short, progress of His Highness soul in caves of Hira is synonymous to when mercury is applied to a piece of glass, it getting converted to a Mirror, Similarly after  elevation, his soul was enlightened with noor-e-mohammad  to such  extent that no longer it existed as  soul, but it was noor-e-mohammad (SAW) itself. Hence there is no difference between soul of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) & noor-e-mohammad (SAW) i.e. Jamal-e- Allah. 


The Personality (Soul) of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is noor-e-mohammad (SAW) itself: Evident with hadith

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has proclaimed in the above mentioned hadith that at first, Allah created His noor (light) and from this noor Allah has created all other creatures. Thus this hadith makes it very clear that; noor-e-Mohammad itself is the soul of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Thus Prophet Mohammad SAW’s has such supreme trait that He has access to sidratul-muntaha, (ultimate divinity), where except His Highness, no messenger or prophet or even Jibrael (AS) has access. Hence it is very clear that, only noor-e-mohammad SAW (jamal-e-Allah) can reach up to maqam-e-Allah (ultimate divinity).


The Personality (Soul) of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is noor-e-mohammad (SAW) itself: Evident with Quran

Allah has declared in Quran:

يَا أَهْلَ الْكِتَابِ قَدْ جَاءكُمْ رَسُولُنَا يُبَيِّنُ لَكُمْ كَثِيرًا مِّمَّا كُنتُمْ تُخْفُونَ مِنَ الْكِتَابِ وَيَعْفُو عَن كَثِيرٍ قَدْ جَاءكُم مِّنَ اللَّهِ نُورٌ وَكِتَابٌ مُّبِينٌ
qad jaakum minnal lahi noor wa kitabun Mubin
(Surah Almayeeda_para_6_verse_15)
Meaning:  Surely a Noor (SAW) has came to you & and an evident book (Holy Quran)

In this verse Allah has fully clarified that the soul of Prop. Mohammad (SAW) is noor (light). Even after reading this declaration of Allah, if any body doesn’t accept the soul, the personality of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) as noor, then he is sure to be on the path of being astray.

وَمَآ اَرْسَلْنٰـکَ اِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعٰلَمِيْنَ
Wama Arsalnaka ellah Rahmatul Lil-alameen
(Surah Anbiyah Verse_107)
Meaning: (we only not sent you but the blessing (Rahmat) for All Universes)

In the above verse from Quran, Allah addresses Prophet Mohammad (SAW) as Rehmat (blessing) for all the universes! But how could a human be blessing for all the universes? This title of blessing (rehmat) by Almighty, itself is the proof, that Prophet Mohammad (SAW)’s Personality is noor, & thus adorning Shan-e-lahooti meaning being omni-present & capable of any command. In other words it is being verified by Allah that Prophet Mohammad‘s personality (soul) is noor (light).  

It is very clear, that the spiritual elevation of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had reached to such a level of perfection that his soul itself had became the noor-e-mohammad SAW, or in other words, mirror image or jamaal-e- Allah. For the same reason his highness is is being called a representation of Allah & after his name sal lal lahu alaihe wa sallam is written. sal lal lahu means sight of Allah.

Since no other prophet or nabi had obtained such full & complete manifestation of noor-e-mohammad (SAW) as Prophet Mohammad SAW, hence his highness was given the title of Khatimul-nabeen by Al-mighty Allah. He is also called as “Sirajan-muneera” meaning enlightened Sun. This is analogous to the Sun enlightening the whole universe, as the divinely enlightened soul of prophet Mohammad (SAW) is illuminating the souls & hearts of men.   

In this connection there is a famous incident for explanation.

Prophet Mohammad SAW, before his demise had drawn a will that his holy garments should be given to a person of Qaran area namely Hazrat Awais Qarni. As per his will, Hazrat Ali & hazrat Umar went to Qaran to deliver the holy garments to Hazrat Awias Qarni. Seeing the holy garments Hazrat Awais Qarni cried out & asked Hazrat Umar if he had seen his Mohammad (SAW)? This question of Awais qarani is of high significance. A person who never had an encounter with Prop.Mohammad (SAW) in whole of his life, was asking this question to those talented Sahaba-e-Karaam, who were always by the side of Prop. Mohammad (SAW). On this question Hazrat Umar kept himself quiet!

Did you see my Mohammad? A question by Awais Qarani meant "seeing the soul of His Holy Highness and not his body". This question of Awais Qarni itself is the proof of above mentioned concept.

Omni presence of Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

Since noor-e-mohammad (SAW), mirror image or jamaal-e-Allah, is self-existing & ever-lasting (Haiyul–qaiyoom), hence the Personality (soul) of Prophet Mohammad SAW enlighten with this noor, is also everlasting & self-existing.  Meaning, it too is haiyool qaiyoom and this is the secret of Hayatun-nabi (sirr-e-mohammadi). Although Holy prophet’s body is invisible from common eye, but sufis, Auliya-e-karam who have divine vision are well aware of this cryptology and for the same reason they believe that Prophet Mohammad SAW is omnipresent, and they say or call  him “Sal lal lah’’ means sight of Allah.

Allah himself praises Prophet (SAW) for his high spiritual elevation and says in Quran:

اِنَّ اللّٰهَ وَ مَلٰٓىٕكَتَهٗ یُصَلُّوْنَ عَلَى النَّبِیِّ
Inna Allah malaye katahu yasalloona alnabi

(surah Ahzaab.Para22 Ayat 56)

Meaning: Allah & his malayak offer Salaat & Salaam to Prophet Mohammad (SAW), hence O believer! You too offer Salaat & salam to Prophet Mohammad (SAW)


The above mentioned Ayat of Quran revels that Prophet Mohammad (SAW), possesses supreme high praise worthy personality that Allah along with all his angels praises His Highness & offers Salaat & salam to him. Since His personality is noor (noor-e-mohammad) which, has origination from eternal world i.e. Aalame-lahoot), hence He possesses Lahoti-Shaan (divine power) & is capable of any command or function to be done.

But by birth His Highness is adam having bodily existence, embodies humanly majestic i.e. Shan-e-nasooti also. In conclusion Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has humanly majestic as well divine power too.
In short, in realm of divinity (Aalam-e-lahoot), His highness is ahad, meaning one with divinity and in the realm of world (Aalam-e-nasoot), he is Ahmad—The most praised one.

One can understand that His Highness Prophet Mohammad (SAW). is not only human but noor too. That is the reason that his shadow was not seen. Can human brain or Science explain this mystery of how a body composed of four different elements i.e. soil, water, fire, and air is sans shadow?

Another question: Your Perspiration smells like fragrance. Can anybody explain how a human body can produce such fragrances?

Similarly, no insect could touch his holy body ever. Can any scholar answer it?

Since Allah’s first veil noor-e-mohammad is Prophet Mohammad’s personality, hence His Highness’s (soul) is full & complete noor. As the sword and its edge are portrayed differently, but in reality the edge is also a part of the same sword which is a single piece, similarly personality (soul) of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) which is noor-e-mohammad (mirror image or Jamaal of Allah) is not different from Allah!

For the same reason Allah has proclaimed in Holy Quran as:

  • Allegiance (Ataat-e-Rasool) towards Prophet Mohammad SAW is allegiance of Allah. (surah Nisa Ayat-80)
  • Prophet Mohammad SAW’s action as Allah’s action. (surah Al-Anfal-Ayat-17)
  • Initiation (bayet) with Prophet Mohammad SAW is initiation with Allah (surah-Al Fatah Ayat-10)
  • How a man can understand such an enlightened personality, of whose, Allah him self is passionate and admirer,
One can only say:
Ankh wala tere joban ka tamasha dekhe  :   dedaye kour ko kaya aye nazar kiya dekhe.
(Meaning: Only in presence of light we can seen things, similarly one who posses divine light, can see the divinely enlightened personality of Prophet Mohammad SAW & not all common eyes.)

Supreme Modesty : (Ada-e-Maarfana)

Since the  whole universe is created from  noor-e-mohammad & the same noor, being  Prophet Mohammad SAW’s personality hence, His Highness has got the knowledge (illm) of entire universe, & noor-e-mohammad being from eternal world (Aalame-laahot) so He posses Shan-e-laahoti (divine power), and is capable of any function .
But solute to Your High majesty! Your personality is highly enlightened  but even after attaining such a supreme divinity His highness curtained these worthy attributes in the veil of modesty.(ada-e-maarfana) & pretended him self as common human being, .So the people who are unaware of His shaan-e-lahoti (divine power),  have not understood or realized about his divinity, and  such persons on reading following verse of Quran:

قُلْ إِنَّمَآأَنَا بَشَرٌ مِّثْلُكُمْ يُوحَىٰٓ إِلَىَّ أَنَّمَآ إِلَٰهُكُمْ إِلَٰهٌ وَٰحِدٌ ۖ
qul innama ana basharun mislukum Yuha illayya
(Surah Kahaf_vol_16_verse_11)

meanings: I am human being like you but revelation comes down on me,


say that His Highness is human like us . Certainly Prophet Mohammad SAW is a human being by birth & He too has suffered from diseases & critical reasons & since for guidance of mankind it is must that the guide too, be of same race. Hence for the same reason Prophet Mohammad SAW had to come in existence as human being. But His personality is indeed noor-e-mohammad, itself, which has been already proved in earlier part. Unfortunately ulema (scholar) ignore to highlight the later part of same verse i.e. “the revelation comes down on me” which makes Prophet Mohammad SAW eminent & illustrious from other human beings.   In short, since Prophet Mohammad SAW’s soul is enlightened with noor-e-mohammad, He has Shaan-e-lahooti (divine power), and has knowledge of each & every seen & unseen thing of universe, revelation comes down on His Highness!

Do we have such attributes?

Surely, reply to this question will bo ‘’No”. Because all messengers   of Allah have attributes of very high rank as compare to common man & Prophet Mohammad SAW is most distinguished among all prophets (Afzalul Anbiya) & hence there is no question of comparison of any ordinary man with Prophet Mohammad SAW. One more distinct point is that all human being’s soul is just an attribute of Allah (Amar-e- rabbi) where as Prophet mohammad’s soul is exception to it, i.e. it is noor-e-mohammad SAW itself.

Enlightened Sun (Sirajan Munira)

Since prophet mohammad’s personality is enlighten with noor-e-mohammad, His Highness soul is luminous like sun, and as Sun brightens whole universe by eliminating darkness, similarly Prophet SAW’s noorani soul  removes darkness of hearts & souls and illuminates them, & thus whole humanity is being shined with light (noor) of prophecy.

Prophet Mohammad SAW found Hazrat Ali capable of adorning this noor, so it was enthrusted to Hazart Ali. In this context there are several hadith.

اَنَا مدِینَۃُ العِلمِ وَعَلِیّ بَابُھَا
(I am the city of Knowledge & Ali is its Door)
مَنْ کُنْتُ مَوْلاهُ، فَهَذَآ ٌعَلِىٌّ مَوْلاهُ

This task of illumination of hearts is being carried out in succession, from His Highness Prophet Mohammad SAW to Hazrat Ali (RA), and from Hazrat Ali to Aulia-e-karam and in turn to seekers. This process will continue till the universe perishes. Hence now there is no need of any messenger of Allah.


In holy Quran Allah has narrated:
قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَنْ تَزَكَّى
Qad Aflah man Ta-zakka
(surah Al-ala: Para-30; Ayat 14)
Meaning: One who cleans(meaning heart) reaches to the goal

Cleansing of heart means getting rid of different evil qualities of ego e.g.  Anger, greed, jelousy, pride etc. These qualities can be easily renounced in company of enlightened person. Hence to achieve this goal a seeker has to initiate with any kaamil peer & he has to be most obedient disciple.

Contemplation with Allah & immortal with Allah (Fana-fillah & Baqa-billah)

By virtue of Prayers & endeavors when a seeker becomes successful in cleansing his heart, he gets realization that Nafs (ego) does not have any value or reality. In other words his ego ceases down to such an extent as if, it has attained death, & so it is also termed as attaining death before death. To such a seeker, when his murshid (guru) enthrusts noor-e-mohammad SAW, his soul too, gets enlighted.  Noor-e-mohammad SAW being omnipotent (Haiyul Qaiyoom), the soul enlighted with this noor, also becomes omnipotent or immortal.This is called as Baqa-billah (Baqi by Allah) or existence of life byAllah (noor). Holy Quran has referred this achievement i.e. everlasting existence or immortality as ‘’Flah’’ means to get success in life.

A soul enlightened with noor-e-mohammad possesses Allah’s attributes (which are embodied in noor-e-mohammad) also, & hence a personality adorn with attributes of al-mighty can set itself free from body and have command over whole universe too. Such a person will not be dependent on sense organs for any kind of function, because his command & action will be by noor.

...فَإِذَا أَحْبَبْتُهُ، كُنْتُ سَمْعَهُ الَّذِي يَسْمَعُ بِهِ، وَبَصَرَهُ الَّذِي يُبْصِرُ بِهِ، وَيَدَهُ الَّتِي يَبْطِشُ بِهَا، وَرِجْلَهُ الَّتِي يَمْشِي
’Izaa ahsantahu kuntu samitu
(Mishkat-e-Haqqaniya - Page 197) & Hadith 25 from "40 Hadith-e-Qudsi"

Meaning Allah states  that ,when  my banda (creation)  by the means of good deeds, Prayers and endevours  reaches  near to me, I my self (Allah, noor) become his eye –sight, through which he sees things of far & nearer ,I my self (noor-Allah) become his ear ,through which he hear . Imy self (Allah) become his hands & feet etc. In short a banda also attains the state analogus to allah ie as Allah is witness to whole universe, similarly the bandah (creature) while sitting in a corner of room can observe whole world.

Pertaining to this there is a hadith.
الْمُؤْمِنِ فَإِنَّهُ يَنْظُرُ بِنُورِ اللَّهِ
Al mominoo yatanziroo binoorillah
Tirmizi Hadith no 34
meaning: momin sees by Allah’s noor

In conclusion, the enlightening of a seeker’s soul with noor-e-mohammad SAW (Jamal-e-Allah) is call as “Allah’s friendship’’ or Vilayat and one who achieves noor-e-mohammad is call “Vali”


For the same reason an “Arif”(one who has attain divinity) sees whole world in his heart. In this regard, there is a famous historical incidence of Ali Maula. During the battle of Khandak (Jung-e-khandak), Ali Maula was in front of the enemy army’s chief namely ‘Amr-ibn-Abdal Wud’. Ali Maula overpowered him and snatched his spear. And then instead of killing him with that spear, Ali Maula threw it away in the air in a different direction. Amr became livid and screamed, “Ya Ali! when you were able to snatch my spear, why didn’t you kill me? Why you threw it away?”

Please note, that spear was Amr’s ancestral gift, it was like a medal to him. Hence, it was very close to his heart.


Understanding and looking at his condition Ali Maula had to unveil the truth, he said “When I raised that spear, a fish who was about get attacked by an alligator called me, ‘Ya Ali Madad’ (Oh Ali, please help), and that’s the reason why I threw that spear in the direction of that alligator to rescue that poor fish”.


Even during the battle, Ali Maula’s divine action shows how much divine power he possesses. Here few questions intrigue our mind, that how Ali Maula could hear a voice of a fish? And that too from a sea which is so far away from Madina? Which power made the voice reach from that sea to him?


Here the role of Ali Maula is important; while battling with the enemy he helped a poor fish. This action of his reveals that certainly there is some power which is responsible for such amazing ability & indeed it is noor-e-mohammad SAW, without noor (Allah), how any impossible thing can be made possible? Indeed it is noor itself, when it is manifested by messengers of Allah it is called as Mojizas & when it is manifested by Auliya-e-karam it is called as “Karamat” & there are "n" number of such remarkable incidences displayed by Allah’s different Valis. It proclaims that when a vali, (descendent of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) posses such attribute of Allah , than what will be the glory of Personality of Prophet SAW, which is full & complete noor-e-mohammad it self.

Veiled State of Auliya-e-Karaam (Friends of Allah)

In respect of Auliya-e-Karaam (Friends of Allah) Prophet Mohammad, SAW has mentioned
اِنَّ اَوُلِیَآ ئِیٌ تَحُتَ قَبَآئِیٌ لاَ یَعٌرِ فُھُم غَیِرِیٌ۔
Inna Auliyaa Tahta Qibali la yarifuhum Gairi
(Derived from: Asrar-e-Haqiqi, Khawja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri Gharib Nawaz)
Meaning: My Auliyaa (Friends) are under my Aabaa (dress) nobody can know them, only I know their ranks.

Meaning: My Auliyaa (Friends) are under my Aabaa (dress) nobody can know them, only I know their ranks. (Derived from: Asrar-e-Haqiqi, Khawja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri Gharib Nawaz)


All these Allah’s favorite beings (Valis) exist as human being in their worldly life but it is the fact that, their personality is a representation of noor-e-mohammad their souls are embodied in noor-e-mohammad SAW & manifestation of miracles by Auliya kram is due to same noor. Unfortunately our  eyes are unable to witness this noor-e-mohammad SAW  in Auliya-e-karam, but just like  illumination of a lamp or rotation of a fan revels  presence of current in these instruments similarly exhibition of miracles  by beloved of Allah(Auliya-e-karam)  proclaim existence of noor-e-mohammad in their being. Hence visiting  Shrines offering prayers & asking for any kind of help is in fact ,seeking help from noor-e-mohammad SAW i.e. Allah him self. It is perfectly correct & there is no doubt or any question of shirk. i.e. polytheism. 


Visiting Shrines & Mausoleums

As stated in  para of vilayat, the personality of vali enlightened with noor-e-mohammad SAW  posses all attributes of noor-e-mohammad and  as a result like noor, it too become immortal & omnipotent. & hence even after demise of vali manifestation of miracles are seen   due to omnipotent noor-e-Mohammad SAW. So in true sense the prayers or requests are made before noor-e-mohammad SAW or Allah himself. Since people are unaware of real fact, they call it shirk or polytheism, which is not correct .So one must study and understand the reality.

At the time of creation of this universe Allah had asked angels to prostrate same noor-e-mohammad SAW, which was hidden within Adam AS, and on complete manifestation of same noor-e-Mohammad SAW in personality of Prophet Mohammad SAW, Allah has declared in Quran

اِنَّ اللّٰهَ وَ مَلٰٓىٕكَتَهٗ یُصَلُّوْنَ عَلَى النَّبِیِّ
Inna Allah malaye katahu yasalloona alnabi

(surah Ahzaab.Para22 Ayat 56)

Meaning: Allah & his malayak offer Salaat & Salaam to Prophet Mohammad (SAW), hence O believer! You too offer Salaat & salam to Prophet Mohammad (SAW)


And has ordered believers too, to offer salam & salaat to Prophet Mohammad SAW. Thus the whole respect, prayers etc. are for noor-e-Mohammad SAW i.e. Jamal-e-Allah.


As mentioned above by phenomenon of Vilayat this noor-e-mohammad SAW is enthrusted from Prophet mohammad SAW to Hazrat Ali (R.A) & from Hazrat Ali to different Aulia-e-karam .Thus in the veil of aulia the same noor-e-mohammad is praised. As analogues to prostrate made in the direction of KAABA reaches straight to Allah, similarly Aulias are veil just like Kaaba & hence prostrate to them is for noor-e-Mohammad SAW in their heart.

In conclusion visit to shrine or mausoleum & prayers offered before aulia-e-karaam are indeed before noor-e-mohammad SAW, & hence  there is no question of polytheism or shirk. This is the truth & one must understand properly.

Would be in form of Human being in front of us but as a spiritual they would be phenomena of Noor (light) of Mohammad (peace be upon him) The slaves would be slave in unhidden condition & wasilullah in internal condition, their souls penetrates in Noor (light) of Mohammad peace be upon him & all the good deeds & heroic deed which is done by them through Noor (Light) of Mohammad peace be upon him. But alas! Our valueless eyes does not observe to that noor existed in the heart of Auliya-e-Kiram (Friends of Allah), Example: such as we cannot see the electricity in bulb or fan but the revolving of fan & shining of bulb finds out that electricity is running in these things, just like that the happening of heroic deeds or good deeds beside the Auliya-e-Kiram (Friends of Allah) identifies that The Noor (Light) of Mohammad (peace be upon him) is in the hearts of Auliya Kiram. Because of this, approaching towards Auliya Kiram for the purpose of Dua (Prayer) is not Shirak or taking help except Allah but it is asking for help from Noor of Allah or Haque which is absolutely right, there cannot be any doubt or hesitation about it !


Foundation of Sufism

In order to understand the concept of Sufism, one need to understand the basics and foundational elements/terminology around it. All these elements and terminologies are defined in a simple question and answer format in a separate page. Please click here to visit Foundation of Sufism page.


Presence in Shrine or Tomb (Mazaraat)

The personality (soul) of Auliya after being enlightened by Noor (Light) of Mohammad (peace be upon him) becomes everlasting forever, that’s why after demise of Auliaya Kiram the  memorial deed & heroic deed comes out from their tombs by means of Noor Mohammad (peace be upon him), hence, the prayers on the shrine of Auliya kiram is like a prayers in front of Allah or Noor Mohammad (peace be upon him) the people who are unknown from all these realities, they folly says that all these are Bidaat (heresy), Shirk (polytheism). As well as the people who comes on Mazaraat they are also does not know from this reality because of this every person should gain the knowledge & to understand in better way.

At the beginning Allah ordered to angles to bow down (prostrate) in front of Adam (peace be upon him) actually this sajda (prostration) was for the Noor of Mohammad (peace be upon him) (otherwise how Allah orders to angels to bow down except Allah), Allah ordered to All believers to respect this Noor of Mohammad (Peace be upon him) upon complete appearance of Noor of Mohammad  in the soul of Mohammad (peace be upon him) ( Inna laha Malaikatu Yusaluna Alrannabi. (Quran surah Ahzab), in short all Respect; Sajda (prostration) is for Noor of Mohammad beauty of Allah.
Through Saintliness the Noor of Mohammad (peace be upon him) be manifest from Mohammad (peace be upon him) in Auliya Kiram (Friends of Allah), the noor of Mohammad (peace be upon   him) is respected in the veil of Auliya Kiram (friends of Allah) Auliay are like kaaba they are only like veil, the homage & the veil of Auliya reaches out to Noor Mohammad (peace be upon him), this is right and this is the sunnah (Method) of Angles, there is no doubt or suspicious of polytheism!
Hence, the obeisance, reverence & attendance in Mazaraat (shrine) is true, even prayers, hymns & supplications are right & correct because prayer, supplication & hymn also imagines in front of Allah’s Noor (light), there is no any legality regarding polytheism!


It is necessary for human being to know & get the identification of Allah (Marafat-e-Haque), it is called “nearness of Allah” it is the purpose of human being. But it is so difficult to get the nearness of Allah (Qurb-e-Elahi) without spiritual mentor (Murshid), it is also so sad that true spiritual mentor is not available nowadays, because unknown persons from Allah’s identification (Marefat-e-Haque) also are decorating their throne in this fields, every person first know & identify the Mentor in all angle, because complete vali or mentor reaches out the seeker to their designation, as it is necessary to remember that be cautious or be careful from such a independent mentors.