Shower of Blessings

It was the year 1981; Peer-o-murshid was in Gorakhpur, his native village. The month of June had started but there was no sign of monsoon clouds. The scorching heat of the sun had started taking its toll on everyone. People were doing everything that they could do to please Almighty Allah — organizing prayer gathering, performing rituals and giving the call for prayers (azaan), but still the monsoon clouds didn’t show up.

Peer-o-murshid worked as a Teacher in Bombay Municipal Corporation then, summer vacations were about to end. Peer-o-murshid started making preparation to return to Bombay (now Mumbai). While leaving, his (Ammi) Mother spoke about how the farmers in the village will suffer because it hadn’t rained. Peer-o-murshid understood exactly what his mother wanted to say. Peer-o-murshid took a piece of his old blanket and tied it on the branch of a tree in his courtyard. He then turned to Mr. Barkatullah and said, “If rain doesn’t stop then un-tie this piece of my blanket from the tree”. He left for Bombay after some time.

Peer-o-murshid has only reached Gorakhpur station when it started raining heavily, not just in Gorakhpur but in the entire region. It rained incessantly for 2 consecutive days. The rains stopped miraculously only when Peer-o-murshid’s piece of blanket was untied from the tree; Subhan Allah.

Only Allah knows about such power & knowledge of his pious and divine friends (Auliya-e-karaam). These auliya-e-karaam can shower the light of divinity upon the world without letting anyone know of their power.

One Rupee Coin

This part narrates the experiences of Mr. Lateef, one of Peer-o-murshid’s disciples. There was a time when he became very stressed because of his financial condition. He was in sitting in the sacred house of Peer-o-murshid thinking about it. Peer-o-murshid read what was on his mind and asked in a merciful voice, “Lateef! What’s the matter, are you worrying about your professional life?” Lateef looked up at Peer-o-murshid for a solution & Peer-o-murshid answered, “Don’t worry, Main hoon na!” Then, as if to clear Lateef’s doubts, Peer-o-murshid said “You will own a bungalow, have a shop (business), and a car… car. Fiat Car. and for your satisfaction let me also tell you the car’s registration number”. Then Peer-o-murshid told Lateef the registration number of his future car, M H 3883, which Lateef noted down.

Needless to say, as most of Peer-o-murshid’s disciples already know, Mr. Lateef owns a Fiat car with registration number M H 3883. And he also owns a shop in Kurla. Thus all of Peer-o-murshid’s prophecies came true.

However, Mr. Lateef’s happy days started to fade away & there came a time when he was in a debt of Rs. 7 Lakhs (Rs. 700 Thousand). Lateef was in business of supplying timber material for Bollywood film sets and event stage. All his customers in the film industry, whom he had supplied timber for, had become bankrupt. But the timbers suppliers from whom Lateef had taken materials were asking for their dues. In those days Rs. 7 Lakhs (Rs. 700 Thousand) was huge amount. As a routine Mr. Lateef visited Peer-o-murshid’s house every morning. He kept seeking a solution for his problems from Peer-o-murshid, but he kept ignoring. Finally Lateef’s patience ran out & he fell on Peer-o-murshid’s holy leg and crying like a helpless child. Peer-o-murshid looked at him with merciful eyes and after a while took out a one rupee coin from his wallet. He gave it to Lateef and said “Go, credit this in your bank account & everything will be fine”. As advised by Peer-o-murshid, Lateef credited that coin in the bank account. And miraculously within a month, things started to turn in his favor. Within a year, Lateef cleared all his debts and today lives a peaceful life.

Mr. Lateef says “It is true… Peer-o-murshid can do anything! He only needs to be agreed”. Such instances compel us to wonder about the power of this Wali-Allah.

Oasis in Desert

One of Peer-o-murshid’s disciples is simple & innocent Basanti, a fisher woman. She doesn’t have greed for worldly things. Although Peer-o-murshid has guided her and her family at every stage of their life, there is one incident for which she can’t keep thanking Peer-o-murshid throughout her life.

She narrates, “My younger daughter, Suman, was about 8 to 9 years old, when she suffered from high fever, vomiting and dehydration for few days”. Suman was undergoing doctor’s treatment but with no result. Due to her financial condition, Basanti had to go to work leaving Suman at home with her elder sister.

One day when she returned home from work she saw that her elder daughter was trying to wake up Suman, but to no avail. Basanti tried to wake up Suman but she just wouldn’t move. Basanti thought that Suman is unconscious because she wasn’t eating too well for few days.

Without even thinking, Basanti automatically brought Suman to Peer-o-murshid’s house in Govandi, Mumbai. She kept Suman at Peer-o-murshid’s feet and said, “Huzoor! See what happened to her? She’s not opening her eyes; she is not eating and drinking anything. Even medicines are not showing result. Please bless her with health!” Basanti innocently kept plading to Peer-o-murshid, little realizing that Suman was no more. Peer-o-murshid looked at the dead girl who was brought by her innocent mother thinking she was only unconscious and still alive.

Peer-o-murshid looked at his poor innocent disciples. It seems like Peer-o-murshid was in deep thinking. Peer-o-murshid dropped few drops of water in dead Suman’s mouth with his own hand and kept rubbing her chest for some time. The whole crowd watched silently as Peer-o-murshid continued his spiritual treatment. Few minutes later Suman gave a hiccup and started breathing. At this moment Basanti realized that Suman had been dead all this time!

Basanti says she affectionately dropped herself to Peer-o-murshid’s feet and started crying profusely. She thanked Peer-o-murshid for giving her daughter a new life. Everyone present has tears in their eyes. Sometimes later Suman opened her eyes; Peer-o-murshid gave her an apple and ask them to go home.

All the witnesses of this incident had no doubt in their minds that it was Peer-o-murshid’s glorious nature and love for mankind that gifted new life to Suman, which was an impossible task for anyone & priceless gift for Suman and her poor mother. Today Suman is married and stays extremely obedient to her mother.

Divine love like this towards mankind proves that almighty Allah is magnificently hidden and manifests his blessings, power & love for us in the form of chosen ones (Auliya-e-karaam). Indeed Peer-o-murshid’s presence in this world which is full of suffering, pain & poverty, is like “Oasis in Desert”.

There are countless occasions where Peer-o-murshid has revealed his holy presence which has cured the sick and removed pain and suffering from the life of the needy. It is difficult to enlist all these instances on this website. Few miracles have been discussed (given) in a book called “Aaina-e-Rab” (Mirror of God), which is a biography of Peer-o-murshid. Interested visitors can contact any branch trust to get a copy of this book. Contact addresses are given in Contact Page.